2.4 Body

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The lgs source of the combinations page reads:

     1  "";;0143BAB3BC67212340C9406BDB560819F3DCD4E859FC96F7B1C2B2BB0806
     2  ""P combinations
     4  ""R base
     6  ""D 0
     7  (( " , " ))
     9  ""B
    10  page ( ""N , ""C )
    11  title "Combinations"
    53  end page

The ""B escape sequence indicates that the body of the page begins (B for Body). The Body consists of one, big lgs formula of form page ( ... , ... ) title ... bib ... main text ... appendix ... end page. The page ... end page construct spans from line 10 to the end of the lgs file.

The page ... end page construct is rendered as page.tex, appendix.tex, chores.tex, and page.bib. The .tex files are then translated to page.pdf, appendix.pdf, and chores.pdf. The lgc compiler leaves the .tex files in the 'page' subdirectory of the rendering directory together with .log files and any other files generated by LaTeX, BibTeX, makeindex, and dvipdfm. You may find the .tex and .log files handy if you get error messages from LaTeX while translating your pages.

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