2.14 Logiweb and copyright issues

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If you publish a Logiweb page, even a copyrighted one, it is understood that you permit anybody to make verbatim copies of the page and to re-publish (mirror) verbatim copies. That is so because that is what the Logiweb compiler or other Logiweb software may do to your page without asking you.

Feel free to copyright your work and put whatever restrictions you like on non-verbatim copies, but if you cannot accept other people to make verbatim copies, don't publish on Logiweb.

As mentioned, you publish on Logiweb by translating your work to a Logiweb vector and putting the Logiweb vector within reach of an http server. Thus you can avoid publishing on Logiweb in two ways: By not using the Logiweb compiler or by keeping the vector out of reach of http servers (to be safe, also keep the rack out of reach of http servers).

If you put a Logiweb vector within reach of an http server for just a zillions of a second, somebody may mirror it and others may mirror the mirror, and you will have no way to withdraw your page from Logiweb.

Logiweb allows you to publish encrypted pages. If you publish an encrypted page, you still allow anybody to make verbatim copies and re-publish verbatim copies. But 'verbatim' means that the copies have to be byte identical and thus will be encrypted exactly the same way as the original.

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