2.5 Header

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As mentioned, the lgs source of the combinations page reads:

     1  "";;0143BAB3BC67212340C9406BDB560819F3DCD4E859FC96F7B1C2B2BB0806
     2  ""P combinations
     4  ""R base
     6  ""D 0
     7  (( " , " ))
     9  ""B
    10  page ( ""N , ""C )
    11  title "Combinations"
    53  end page

The lines before the body constitute the 'header'

The ""P escape sequence in Line 2 defines the name of the page (P for Page). The combinations page has little use for a name, but every page is required to have one. The headline of the main menu of the rendering reads 'Logiweb main menu of combinations' so that is one example of where the name is used. Names do not need to be world-wide unique.

The ""R escape sequence in Line 4 defines a reference (R for Reference). The combinations page only references one other page so it only contains one reference.

A reference can be an http reference, a reference to a file, a 'Logiweb reference', or just a short name as in Line 4 above. The lgc compiler uses a 'namepath' parameter for searching for pages given by a short name.

Line 1 is a 'headline' as explained later.

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