2.1 Logiweb for programming

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Logiweb is a system for web publication of scientific articles, computer programs, mathematics, machine verified proofs, and many other things.

For a Logiweb computer program see the combinations page. Following the combinations link brings you to a pdf rendering of a definition of the binomial coefficient (( m , n )).

The combinations page also contains a test case ttst (( 4 , 2 )) = 6 end test. When the combinations page was translated by the Logiweb compiler, the compiler verified that test case. The result of the verification is here.

Thus, the combinations page defines the binomial coefficient (( m , n )) and verifies (( 4 , 2 )) = 6.

The source file of the combinations page is a plain text which can be edited by an ordinary text editor. The syntax of Logiweb is user defined. To see the syntax I have chosen to use for combinations, hold your mouse over (( m , n )). The syntax is explained soon.

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