2.10 References and indexes

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As you have already seen, each Logiweb page has a reference which is about 30 bytes long. The reference of a Logiweb page is world wide unique.

In addition, each construct defined by a page has an index. The page construct always has index 0. All other constructs are numbered consecutively, starting with 1.

Hence, each construct is uniquely identified by its index together with the reference of the 'home page' of the construct, where the 'home page' is the page on which the construct is defined.

On the combinations page, the combinations construct has index 0 and the (( " , " )) construct has index 1. You can see this and a lot of other information in the extract generated by the lgc compiler.

Each construct has an 'arity' which is the number of double quotes in the construct. As an example, the (( " , " )) construct has arity 2.

The vector of a page contains:

To Logiweb, a construct is just a pair of a reference and an index. A construct exists if there exists a vector with the given reference whose dictionary assigns an arity to the given index. This machinery ensures:

If two distinct authors use e.g. x + y for two, distinct things, you may run into trouble if you reference both authors pages from your page. In that case you need the lgc name qualification features described later.

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