6.8 Compile other pages

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Earlier, you populated the foo directory with several .lgs files. If you like, you can compile a test page:

   > lgc test.lgs

During verification, lots of features of the evaluation engine are checked. You can also compile a test machine:

   > lgc testmachine.lgs

After compilation, invoke the machine:

   > testmachine/page/bin/test1

It just prints 'HelloWorld'. Finally compile the lgc compiler itself:

   > lgc lgc.lgs

After compilation, invoke the compiler

   > lgc/page/bin/lgc --version

You may also see if there are any differences between /usr/bin/lgc and lgc/page/bin/lgc:

   > diff /usr/bin/lgc lgc/page/bin/lgc

Chances are there are no differences.

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