6.2 Look around

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Here are some suggestions on what you can do once Logiweb is installed:


> which lgc
> which lgwam

to see that those programs are installed.


> man lgc
> man lgwam
> man 5 lgc
> man 5 lgc.conf
> man 5 logiweb
> man 7 logiweb

to see that the man pages are installed.


> lgc --version
> lgc --help
> lgwam --version
> lgwam --help

to see that the commands can be invoked.

If you like, you may read /usr/share/doc/logiweb/examples/README. All material in the README is covered in the present tutorial.

If you like, you may also read 'trying it out' in the README of the source tree. All that material is also covered in the present tutorial.

Ensure you have 2 gigabyte of ram. You might survive with 1 gigabyte, but I wouldn't count on it.

Then go on with the tutorial. Have fun.

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