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For general questions about Logiweb, consult the Mailing lists.

For questions on documents published on Logiweb, contact the authors of those documents.

The core of Logiweb is maintained by Klaus Grue who is currently at Rovsing but who may still be contacted at grue@diku.dk.

Thanks to the students and M.Sc. students who have helped the development of Logiweb by using the system, submitting pages and supplying constructive criticism. A 'museum' of early Logiweb pages is planned for the future. Thanks to Jakob Simonsen at DIKU for running a test course based on an early version of Logiweb and to his students for patience with the system. Thanks to Andrzej Filinski at the Topps group at DIKU for patiently installing version after version at the Topps server. Thanks to Jørgen Villadsen at IMM for hosting an IMM Logiweb server.

The Logiweb logo is a trademark(TM) which belongs to Klaus Grue. If you want to use the logo, make sure you follow the Logiweb standards and then contact grue@diku.dk.

Klaus Grue, GRD-2007-09-26