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Informally, and from the point of view of the user, Logiweb is an authoring tool like pyk, a viewer such as a web browser, and a server which runs in the background.

Formally, however, Logiweb is something completely different; Logiweb is a byte code format with an associated semantics plus a protocol.

Documents stored in the Logiweb byte code format are named Logiweb vectors, and the 'semantics' of such Logiweb vectors is defined as the actions a Logiweb compliant browser is supposed to perform when loading such a vector. Those actions are specified in the loading document.

At the time of writing, there is no stand-alone Logiweb browser. Instead, the pyk compiler is able to perform loading. Furthermore, pyk renders Logiweb pages in html, pdf, and other formats, ready for viewing in ordinary web browsers.

Logiweb documents are transferred using the Hyper Text Transport Protocol (http). Hence, Logiweb has no need for a protocol for delivery of Logiweb vectors. Rather, Logiweb has a need for a protocol for locating Logiweb pages given their unique references. All Logiweb servers in the world cooperate on locating Logiweb pages, and they do so using the Logiweb protocol. A description of the protocol formulated in the format of and Internet Draft can be found here.